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Pasta - Eliche Tricolore

MRP: Rs 340 (inclusive of all taxes)

Colavita Pasta Tricolour Eliche Tricolor grabs this Tricolour Eliche Pasta from Colavita for luscious pasta dishes. The spiral shaped pasta comes in a blend of green, orange and regulate a family tradition from the fields of Molise, Italy. It is completed from 100% durum wheat and this basic component of the Mediterranean diet is available in a mixture of cuts for all your favorite dishes.Product of Italy The colavita pasta company was founded in 1912 in the small hilltop town of santelia a pianisi, in molise, Italy a region where the rolling hills are still today covered by golden fields of wheat Pasta is a fundamental component of the mediterranean diet, so its no wonder colavita pasta is the authentic italian choice for home cooks and chefs the world over

Made From Duram Wheat, High Quality Pastanutritional Facts (Per 2 Oz)Calories - 210 KcalTotal Fat - 1 GSaturated Fat - 0 GTrans Fat - 0 GCholesterol - 0 MgSodium - 0 MgTotal Carbohydrate - 44 GDietary Fiber - 2 GSugars - 2 GProtein - 7G

Pour Pasta into boiling salted water (5 Liters for 500gr of pasta) and let boil for the recommended time, Drain well, season to taste and serve. You can mix this cooked pasta in a variety of sauces such as pesto cream cheese tomato with basil.

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