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Return & Refund Policy

1. Our intention is to serve our customers with quality products. Hence, we have a liberal“return and refund policy" which enables all our customers to return the products if due to any reason they are not satisfied with the quality or freshness of the product(s).


2. We provide to the users, facility to cancel or amend an order. User can do so from the user’s account under the section “My Orders”. Such cancellations or amendments to the order shall be made before the status of the order changes to “Out-for-delivery”. Once the order status has changed to out-for-delivery, order cancellation or amendment is not possible because the delivery person would have already left the warehouse.


3. If any customer is dissatisfied with any product(s) at the time of order delivery due to any reason whatsoever, they are welcome to reject it at the time of delivery. The delivery person with take back the goods for which users don’t accept delivery. On such returns,if already paid for, full refund will be applicable in a manner described in point 8 & 9 herein.


4. If the customers notice the deficiency in a product after the delivery, the customer should inform Jagsfresh by email or calling on customer care or by raising a complaint against the specific order on “my orders” page in “my accounts section.We accept returns and rejects, and offer full refunds (in a manner described in point 8 & 9 herein) with following time limits:


Product Category          Returns time limit

Processed foods       Within 48 hours of delivery

Bread                        Returns only at point of delivery

Dairy                          Returns only at point of delivery

Fruits & Vegetables   Returns only at point of delivery


If you face a situation where you have a good reason to return product(s) after the expiry of time limits mentioned above, please contact us and we will try to resolve your issue satisfactorily.


5. If the cancellation or return is according to point 1 or 2 above, we don’t charge any cancellation or return fee and offer full refund (if already paid) in accordance with point 8 & 9 herein.

6. A cancellation charge will apply if the order is cancelled or returned in one of the  following situation(s) or a combination thereof:

a) The address provided by user is incomplete or incorrect

b) The premises are found locked

c) User is not reachable on phone and/or does not respond to attempt(s) to contact him/her.

d) For COD orders, if the customer refuses or is unable to pay the full amount at the time of delivery


7. The amount of cancellation charges in point 6 above shall be equal to amount of the fresh products in your order (being perishable hence a direct loss to us) plus the delivery fees. The refund available shall be amount already paid by customer (if any) minus the cancellation charges, which shall be refunded in accordance with point 8 & 9.


8. No cancellation or refund is available in following situations:

i. Customer has consumed the product in its entirety and no remnants are available to be returned

ii. User has not followed the appropriate usage, handling and storage instructions (available on the packaging of that product) of the product leading to deterioration of that product


9. Any applicable refund amount (according to point 3/4/7 herein)will be credited within one business day to the “My Wallet” balance in the customer’s account on website where the customer can review and verify it and also use the credit for subsequent shopping on our website. If the customer prefers, we offer the option of refund to the source of payment (debit or credit card/Netbanking etc.) used by the customer for making the original payment. If the customer chooses this option, customer has to inform Jagsfresh by email or phone call and the refund request will be processed by us within 2 working (banking) days. It may take slightly longer for the amount to be credited to customer’s account depending on the customer’s bank’s policy.


10. Cash payments at the time of delivery (for COD orders) can only be refunded to user’s“My Wallet” balance.


11. The refund amount for an order, in no circumstance, can exceed the amount received by Jagsfresh for that order. We are not liable for any consequential or indirect loss or claim beyond the amount actually received by us.


12. Jagsfresh has the right to amend its Cancellation & Refund Policy at any time in which case it will post its new policy on the website with suitable notifications to the users.


13. If you have any questions/comments about our Cancellation And Refund Policy, please email us at care@jagsfresh.com