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Ching's Secret
Chutney - Schezwan

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MRP: Rs 80 (inclusive of all taxes)

Chutneys are a tasty condiment that can be used as a dip or spread or added to food to make it flavoursome. This amazing fusion of pungent ginger-garlic paste and red chillies, is laced with Chinese spices and Schezwan pepper. A dash of Indian spices makes this chutney hotter and spicier, just perect for a fiery punch !

Make tasty Chicken lollipop by mixing the chutney with the batter, or you can simply serve it as a dip. The chutney can also be mixed with the potato filling to make your aloo paranthas spicy and delicious. This chutney can act as delectable pizza base and then can be loaded with vegetables and cheese.

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