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We don’t really notice the involvement and effects of vegetables in our daily consumption and overall life but vegetables are much more than just another routine in all our lives. When we talk about growth or health or well being we often tend to forget the value of veggies.

Jagsfresh has been started for the love of nature’s greatest offering: Fruits & Vegetables.

Fruits & Vegetables form the base of everybody’s daily food consumption especially in India where food habits involve less processed food. However not everyone is aware or exposed to the variety of fruits and vegetables available round the year. The local street vendors in Delhi-Ncr are unable to maintain the full range easily available from farmers due to high wastage, low demand and poor cold chain maintenance. This is where Frugivore comes into picture, we offer the widest range in Indian, seasonal, popular, English, Chinese, Thai,  Exotic and Super Exotic Fruits & Vegetables.

 So when we come to herbs like Rosemary or Thyme, or mushrooms like Shiitake or Oyster, or Microgreens or Sprouts, buy it all online on Frugivore.

 Thus, Frugivore has the right expertise on how to counter challenges like wastage, temperature and overall perishability in handling fresh produce.

So if you think it is hard uncommon to get Mangoes or Watermelons round the year in Delhi, we want to change that opinion because Frugivore brings for you online most fruits & vegetables round the year.

Online shopping has been a major challenge when it comes to fruits & vegetables due to challenges already discussed. But there is so much more to the Indian way of buying vegetables. There is a traditional urge to shop for all fresh vegetables and fruits from the nearest local market or trusted street vendor. Even with the inception of retail stores selling vegetables and fruits in an organized manner, the traditional mindset did not see much change. Major reasons are trust and habit.

All consumers buying vegetables and fruits trust their instinct by the touch and feel of the vegetable or fruit. For example, if buying Tomato, customers usually pick the Tomatoes and check for the firmness. Similarly, Brinjal or Guavas or Mangoes are checked for firmness before buying. Infact there are numerous other techniques by which buyers satisfy themselves when shopping for these vegetables or fruits such as smell, colour consistency, smoothness in skin etc. This habit has been formed since ages and still exists.

This is where Frugivore can help. We at Frugivore go the extra mile to ensure buyers of fresh produce can give up all their anxieties which make them touch or feel before making a buying decision. We at Frugivore have curated a comprehensive sourcing method for all types of fresh produce buyers. An experienced team is put to the task of substituting your efforts of looking/feeling/touching/smelling all the fruits & vegetables. They have been trained to sort and grade all fruits & vegetables in such a manner that a new trust is built in the minds of our customers.  

Jagsfresh has established itself in the physical retail segment and has now entered the Online Grocery Shopping arena to cater to our customers with highest level of service.

Jagsfresh faces new challenges in online grocery business everyday but making customers feel valued, special and satisfied remains our motto.