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Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Here's the thing, nothing is more alluring to us than the freshest form of products we consume, and we step onto the same boat when we talk about coffee. People often contemplate why is the coffee fresh off the roast is more superior to the sedentary ones on the shelf of the store?

Initially, the green coffee beans are dead as they have no flavour and aroma but just after the coffee is roasted, it gives rich and subtle flavour. The coffee connoisseur can associate with the peculiar whiff and can tell you when and how the coffee is roasted. If you are a coffee nerd and truly wants to relish the rich flavour, then you should go with freshly roasted coffee beans.

Calling all the coffee lovers out there, if you truly have a fine eye and taste to appreciate the richness of coffee beans, you are in for a ride with freshly roasted coffee beans. Lockdown has yet not robbed our lives of simple pleasures, Frugivore has partnered with Blue Tokai to bring premium quality Fresh Roasted Coffee in every grind. Coffee as fresh as you want with no preservatives added sugar and artificial flavours. Coffee extremist who brew coffee at home commit to several mistakes, even before they start brewing. Despite putting their time and money into best coffee grinder available in the market, they end up brewing mediocre tasting coffee, not realizing what lead to this average coffee.

This requires just one rectification, i.e. a perfect grind for your perfect brewing machine. The brewing is according to the corresponding grind which should be used. It's often suggested that we should use pre-ground coffee when we go for drip brewers like the manual pour over or a standard coffee maker. The reason being, pre-ground coffee has the right amount of unevenness for this method.

In cases wherein we use percolator or an auto espresso machine, we suggest our customers to use whole fresh roasted beans. Since this method requires very fine grounded coffee for brewing – which is not received from pre-ground coffee beans. We advise our customers to go with the grind that compliments their brewing method. The contact time of the coffee with water is directly proportional to the size of the grind, which indicates the finer the grind, larger the surface area of the coffee which remains in contact with water and therefore it takes less time to extract the coffee.  

The customers often find it difficult to match the grind size with the brewing method, therefore below mentioned are the grinds which are complementary to the brewing method that will land you in a perfect aroma and flavour of your desire.

1. Extra Coarse: Cold brew coffee and Cowboy coffee brewing methods.

2. Coarse: French press, Percolator and Coffee cupping brewing methods.

3. Medium Coarse: Chemex coffee maker, Clever dripper and Cafe solo brewing methods.

4. Medium Grind: Cone-shaped Pour-over brewer, Flat bottom drip coffee machines, Siphon coffee and Aeropress brewing methods (brewing time of more than 3 minutes).

5. Medium Fine Grind: Cone-shaped Pour-over brewers, Aeropress brewing method (brewing time between 2 - 3 min).

6. Fine Grind: Espresso, Moka pot brewing methods and Aeropress brewing method (brewing time of 1 min).

7. Extra Fine Grind: Turkish coffee brewing method.

Now, more than ever, under this pandemic when all coffee dates or morning wake-me-up cup is not viable; shop for finest of Artisanal Coffee from Blue Tokai only on Jagsfresh. Stay safe & healthy 😊