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5 in 1 Lettuce

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5 in 1 Lettuce pack contains all the best lettuces in one pack. The pack contains tender and curly Lettuce Green, Antioxidant rich Lettuce Red, High in mineral Lettuce Romaine, Hydrating Lettuce Iceberg and Lettuce Roquette. Lettuces are the most widely consumed vegetables worldwide, as it is low in calories and high in demand to weight watchers and health concious individuals. Lettuces are good source of fiber, iron, folate and vitamin C.

Lettuce Green - 250 Gm, Lettuce Red - 250 Gm, Lettuce Romaine - 100 Gm, Lettuce Iceberg - 250 Gm, Lettuce Roquette - 100 Gm