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Mango Drink

MRP: Rs 75 (inclusive of all taxes)

Refreshment for the summer time,Maaza Gold is more than just a Mango drink; it is an immersive and indulgent Mango experience, crafted from Mango pulp and the choicest Mangoes grown in India. Enjoy the deliciously thick, sweet and purely indulgent Mango experience with a chilled glass of Maaza Gold, a quality product of The Coca-Cola Company. This rich and indulgent mango drink is the Mango lover's first choice and if you are one, sit back and open a Maaza to experience Aam ka Magic for yourself.

61 g of potassium 43 g of calcium 8 g of magnesium 5 g of phosphorus 0.9 g of iron 1.0 mcg of selenium 13 g of sodium

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