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Sour Lemon Pickle

Newly Launched

Newly Launched

Newly Launched

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MRP: Rs 289

Rs 246 (inclusive of all taxes)

We use only the best, naturally ripened, and organically grown fruits and veggies. Our main ingredients are pure and unmatched, with only cold-pressed mustard oil and organic spices that ensure every bite is a burst of natural flavors.

"Boosts immunity Aids in digestion. Reduces sugar levels Controls glucose levels High in antioxidant High in nutrients"

Lemon Fruit 2 Namak 3 Kala Namak 4 Sendha Namak 5 Haldi powder 6 Mirchi powder 7 Maiti dana 8 Saunf 9 Ajwain 10 Jeera 11 Garam Masala 12 Pili rai 13 Kanloji 14 Mustard oil

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