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Grand Snacks & Exotics Basket

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MRP: Rs 7999

Rs 5599 (inclusive of all taxes)

A big family gift basket for 5-6 persons. Loaded with fun snacks & fresh exotic fruits. Perfect for a warm & enjoyable gift to close friends & family on special occasions & important festivities. *Items present in the basket are customizable as per customer needs & preferences. *Images are only for reference purpose. Final basket items may vary as per season & availability. *In case any displayed basket item is unavailable with us then we will replace it with another item of equal or higher value.

3 pcs valencia (670gm) 1 Avocado (340gm), 1 pineapple queen 1 kg, red globes (500gm), green grapes (250gm), 4pcs Sungold kiwi (380gm), 3 rambutan (78gm), 1 dragon fruit (500gm), 1 pomegranate (300gm), 4 plum (350gm), 1 custard apple (300gm), 1 apple(300gm), 1 green apple (200gm), blueberries (1 packet), 1 apricot (200gm), sweet tamarind(50gm), Lindt chocolate 85%, cheddar cheese, tong garden pumpkin paprika, apricot kernel oil.

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