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Feta Cheese

MRP: Rs 349 (inclusive of all taxes)

Feta Cheese - A Mediterranean Treasure by Frugivore

Frugivore proudly presents Feta Cheese, a Mediterranean gem that brings the essence of the sun-soaked region to your plate. Experience the crumbly texture and tangy flavors that define this culinary treasure

Flavor Notes:

Tangy Zest: Dive into the vibrant tanginess that Feta is renowned for, awakening your taste buds with its distinctive and refreshing profile

Crumbly Perfection: Enjoy the crumbly yet creamy texture that makes Feta a versatile delight, perfect for salads, pastries, and so much more

Mediterranean Charisma: Let the authentic taste of the Mediterranean transport you to the shores of Greece, where Feta Cheese has been cherished for generations

Feta majorly contributes gut wellness due to its probiotic contents. Feta is also great for bone wellness as it has a higher calcium content than most other cheeses. The calcium in Feta aids in maintaining strong teeth and bones and the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid helps control weight.

Pure Goat Milk, Veg Rennet, Starter Culture, Vaccumized salt

"Nutrition facts: Serving size(100gms), Serving per container Amount per serving Calories: 300 calories from fat 196 Daily value total fat 22g 34% Saturated Fat: 20g 66% Cholesterol: 79g 26% Sodium: 633mg 26% Total Carbohydrate: 2g 1% Dietary fibers: 0g Sugars: 1g 0% Protein: 27g Vitamin A: 14% Vitamin C: 0% Calcium: 68% Iron: 0%"

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