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Conventional Shopping for groceries is really tiresome, Shopping for stapes like pulses and legumes but don’t know how to identify them? New to grocery shopping? Trying to decide what Flour to buy ? Try shopping online for the best choice and the widest varieties of Legumes and pulses and Flours and Rice of the best quality.

India has a wide variety of legumes and pulses and even more variety of dishes to incorporate them in, Legumes and Pulses are heavily consumed all over India especially in the most densly populated cities of India, Delhi, and offering an online shopping experience to our customers in Delhi NCR to make their grocery shopping experience hassle free and convenient, easy and time saving with utmost care for quality.

Flours and Rice offered on our online shopping website are some of the most popular brands of cereals like Daawat to India Gate and from Ashirwaad to Rajdhani to Tata Sampann and of the utmost quality and are loved by everybody in our consumer base in Delhi NCR.

A wide variety of noodles and pasta are also sold on our Online Shopping website for our customers based in Delhi NCR for people who have a distinctive taste for popular brands  such as Del Monte to Borges. Some different types of pasta types are Rigati, farfalle, Penne, Spaghetti and many more.

Some varieties of Legumes and Pulses available online are Arhar, Tur Dal, Channa Dal which are deliverable to all areas in Delhi NCR with a consistent quality and a unwavering devotion to serve our customers to their satisfaction.

Now buy staples and other grocereries online with confidence on Frugivore.