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Sprouts & Microgreens:

When we associate fresh food with health, we cannot help but mention Sprouts & Microgreens. Whole of this category is regarded as nutritional powerhouses. Low in calories and high in nutritional value Sprouts are well known to counter digestion, blood sugar levels and heart diseases. Microgreens are already trending being used into sandwiches, smoothies and daily vegetables.

Sprouts and Microgreens both are by products of a certain vegetables or food-grains and not a whole vegetable themselves. This is what makes them interesting and altogether unique. They pack in concentrated nutrients which are in exceptaionally high in the growth stage at which sprouts and microgreens are harvested.


Microgreens are still very uncommon in Delhi – Ncr due to challenges like procurement, sentivity to temperatures and overall demand fluctuations. Microgreens are not similar to other vegetables which can be traded in a local markets or have a developed supply chain. All Microgreens are procured fresh from identified farms. We have associated with a network of farmers who are exclusively growing Microgreens in certain regions across Delhi – Ncr. After certain experience and trials, Frugivore has curated a wide selection of 15-20 Microgreens. The range includes bestsellers like Microgreens Swiss Chard, Microgreens Beetroot and Microgreens Roquette to new entrants like Wheatgrass.

Sprouts are a little more familiar than Microgreens but the availability across Delhi – Ncr does not justify the amount of demand which exists. We cover a comprehensive range of sprouts which includes – Alfalfa Sprouts, Beans Sprouts, Geam Sprouts, Mixed Sprouts and Mung Sprouts.

Sprouts are complicated than other vegetables when it comes to handling and packing. This is one of the main reasons why the shortage in availability of Sprouts across Delhi – Ncr. We at Frugivore, pack all sprouts after cleaning and washing them with RO-UV machinery and disinfected purified water.

When you are trying to go healthy or to improve your freshness index, (Find out more about “Freshness Index” here - https://www.frugivore.in/blog-details/how-fresh-are-you), go online and log into www.frugivore.in to get access to all your needs.