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Fresh Herbs & Spices:

When we talk about fresh foods, we often only consider the daily veggies or fruits. There is actually so much more to fresh than we consume or even imagine. Fresh Herbs & Spices is one such category which is underutilized or commonly unknown to most people. There is some truth in the statement that our traditional Indian food does not carry fresh herbs as an essential ingredient, thus we have a gap to bridge but when it comes to fresh spices, they are well versed within our traditional Indian delicacies.

We have curated widest selection of Fresh Herbs & Spices available in Delhi – Ncr (offline or online). From Coriander, Mint to Rosemary and Thyme, we have covered it all. There has been a longing towards trying different cuisines especially thai and Italian amongst the well travelled in Delhi – Ncr. A very important ingredient in all these cuisines are fresh herbs. So if you plan to make your favourite Thai Curry or Alfredo Pasta, do visit our special range online to find all what is needed.

Our fresh herbs includes daily used ingredients such as Coriander, Mint, or Basil but also exotic herbs such as Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Parsley and Kaffir Lime Leaves. Availability of such variety is hard to find with any online ecommerce in Delhi – Ncr. Fresh Herbs provides the right aroma and enhances the taste of all your favourite delicacies. So next time you make your favourite Penne Pasta or Alfredo Pasta, top it up with some Thyme to get that delicious aroma and pleasant aftertaste.

Fresh Spices is a vital ingredient in our day to day recipes. Fresh Ginger or Turmeric or Fennel, all are used frequently in our kitchens. Moreover Fresh Spices are commonly used as digestive remedies. All our Fresh Spices goes through various processes of sorting and grading to ensure that the end product which you get is standardized.

Various challenges like sourcing, wastage and maintaining cold chain are faced when dealing in Fresh Herbs & Spices.That is the reason why Fresh Herbs & Spices is one such category which is not fully explored in modern trade in Delhi – Ncr. Expecting our local street vendors to provide Fresh Herbs is a tough ask and hence they do not come into picture.

Frugivore provides an unmatched range of all Fresh Herbs & Spices online by tackling each challenge heads on. We have had our share of experience in Fresh Fruits & Vegetables which has helped us build a foundation in sourcing quality vegetables and fruits, analyzing demand supply to minimize waste and most importantly maintaining cold chain.