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Filter Coffee - Pure

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

MRP: Rs 160 (inclusive of all taxes)

Filter coffee preserves the original taste of coffee, the strong aroma and the astringent taste is the perfect partner for your coffee needs. There is nothing more refreshing than a piping hot cup of South Indian Filter Coffee. Now, you too can enjoy a fresh cup of aromatic filter coffee at the comfort of your home, the dream of every filter coffee lover. High quality coffee beans are roasted and ground in small quantities very frequently, to ensure that only the fresh, aromatic and flavourful coffee powder is delivered to each customer.

This is not an instant coffee. Perfect for espresso, french press, drip coffee, cold brew, mocha pot or South Indian filter coffee technique. One spoon makes one cup of 125 ml. Add sugar as per taste. This coffee has no sugar, no milk powder, no preservatives. A perfect drink to go with the keto diet.

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