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Fruits & Vegetables - Liquid Wash

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Water alone is not effective for germ removal and cleaning vegetables & fruits. It often leaves behind pesticides and is not able to disinfect the vegetables and fruits from food-borne illnesses causing germs. This can affect the health and safety of your family. Introducing ITC’s Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash Spray with 100% Natural Action^ and Neem & Citrus Fruit extracts, which effectively washes away pesticides~ & 99.9% germs* from the vegetables & fruits in just 1 min. It has no added artificial dyes, bleach, chlorine or soap and is completely safe to use on your veggies & fruits.

Nimwash cleans dirt, soil, pesticides and 99.9% germs from the surface of veggies and fruits so that you can enjoy veggies and fruits, as nature intended them to be. Nimwash cleans vegetables & fruits effectively with the power of natural ingredients. Now wash your vegetables & fruits inconvenient and easy to use steps and keep your family healthy and protected from germs.

Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Neem Oil, Lemon Juice.

Add 20 ml (Half a cap) of product in 1L of water. Soak vegetables and fruits for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly under clean running water. Apply directly, for stronger action in 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly.

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