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Organic - Biodegradable Laundry Clothing Detergent

MRP: Rs 395 (inclusive of all taxes)

Kolan Laundry Eco-Wash is a gentle yet effective formulation that leaves laundry sparkling fresh and clean and kills practically all harmful germs and bacteria. Expertly removes fats, oil, grease and all organic stain while destroying all odour at source. Strongly recommended for sports clothing. As it eliminates all types of grass, soil, sweat and blood stains. Ideal for both top and front load and hand wash (cleans and freshens all types of fabrics)

For Regular Load – Pour three caps full(10ml*3). For Heavily Soiled Load – Pour five caps full (10ml*5). For TOUGH STAINS – Apply directly on the stain, agitate mildly and wash as usual. Do not mix with any bleach or oxidisers as this will deactivate the enzyme. The enzyme will act as natural descalers thus improving the life and efficiency of the machine. As the Eco-wash goes down the drain, the enzyme will carry on breaking down organic matter.

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