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Cream Cheese

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MRP: Rs 315 (inclusive of all taxes)

Our Velvety Cream Cheese elevates your dishes with its impeccable richness, unlocking a world of gourmet possibilities.


Luxurious Creaminess: Delight in the velvety perfection of our Cream Cheese, a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality
Creative Versatility: From breakfast to dinner, our Cream Cheese redefines versatility, enhancing your creations with its creamy goodness
Elevate Every Bite: Turn everyday moments into extraordinary experiences. Elevate your cooking with the refined touch of Frugivore's Velvety Cream Cheese
Experience the epitome of taste with Frugivore. Transform your dishes and savor the essence of culinary luxury. Elevate your palate today!

Pasteurised Cow Milk and Cream, Dairy Culture, Microbial rennet, Salt, Stabilizer- (INS 410, INS 415)

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