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Lettuce Get Together - Salad Box

Expected Delivery: Today or Tomorrow

MRP: Rs 199 (inclusive of all taxes)

Let's explore the mutual love for lettuces we have!
Calling out everyone - The green, red, rocket, iceberg & romaine in this powerhouse box along with the topping of olive oild mixed with lime & salt gives out a wholesome experience.
All our salads are made fresh and delivered the same day. Lettuces are procured the same day after which they go through various value addition stages like sorting, grading and cleaning.
Lettuce is one of the most widely consumed vegetables worldwide, but its nutritional value has been underestimated. Lettuce is low in calories, fat and sodium. It is a good source of fiber, iron, folate, and vitamin C. Lettuce is also a good source of various other health-beneficial bioactive compounds.

Ingredients: Iceberg, Green Lettuce, Rommaine Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Pepper.

At Frugivore, we aim to serve value to our customers and this Salad resonates the same. All processing, sourcing and standard procedures are implemented in an ISO:22000:2018 certified facility. We take care of the cold chain throughout by the help of insulated bags and cooling agents. This salad will be best consumed on the same day of opening. Recommended to store under 5 degree celsius.

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