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Jamaican Salad

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Avocados, Yam, Oranges along with Mint Leaves surely makes a healthy treat!
Topped with salt & peper, Apple Cider, Honey and Olive Oil, a strong taste is achieved. While Avocado and Yam are considered to have a typical taste, Oranges & others quite well cover them making it a delectable treat.
All our salads are freshly prepared and delivered the same day. The veggies & fruits undergo value adding processes such as sorting, grading, washing & cleaning before they are utilised in the recipe.

Ingredients: Orange – 60 Gm, Lemon Juice – 4 Ml, Apple Cider Vinegar: - 5 Ml, Honey: - 2 tea spoon, Olive oIl : - 4 Ml, Salt: - a pinch, Pepper: - a pinch, Fresh Mint: - 6 Gm, Boiled Yam: - 10 Gm, Red Onion - 10 Gm, Cherry Tomatoes - 16 Gm, Green Lettuce - 30 Gm, Avocado - 60 Gm

At Frugivore, we aim to serve value to our customers and this Salad resonates the same. All processing, sourcing and standard procedures are implemented in an ISO:22000:2018 certified facility. We take care of the cold chain throughout by the help of insulated bags and cooling agents. This salad will be best consumed on the same day of opening. Recommended to store under 5 degree celsius.

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