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Balkan Cucumber Salad

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Seedless cucumber with moong sprouts enrobed in a minty curd with some tomatoes, carrot and lettuce. This combination is a full pack nutrient meal that gives you necessary energy from your daily meal. The spices gives it a sober taste with a unique healthy flavour and gives inner satisfaction. All value addition procedures like sorting, grading, cleaning, cutting etc is done in an ISO:22000:2018 certified facility. We keep the hygiene and cold chain maintained throughout till it is delivered to your doorstep.

Mint Seasoning, Moong Sprouts, Cucumber Seedless, Onion, Fresh Cream, Walnuts, Honey, Coriander Leaves, Salt, Black Pepper, Lemon Juice, Spring Onion, Fresh Mint Leaves, Garlic, Hard Boiled Eggs, Tomato, Carrot, Lettuce Leaves,

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