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Frozen Pizza - Pump King Goat Cheese

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MRP: Rs 1349

Rs 675 (inclusive of all taxes)

Eating no meat has never been more sexy, especially with this pizza. A colorful pizza, with luxurious toppings. Everybody will be jealous of you! This pizza is striking. The pizza base is made with pumpkin and topped off with tomato sauce, pumpkin, goat cheese, mozzarella and crunchy pumpkin seeds. The Pump’king Goat Cheese is a pizza with it’s own flavor, but once you’re a fan, you can’t live without it.

This pizza is perfect for a date-night with your lover or for a date with yourself on the couch. But also if you have no idea what to eat, but wanting it to be healthy. This pizza contains only 675 calories and is stuffed with 43% vegetables. This pizza will be on your table in 12 minutes and you’ll finish it in less than 10 minutes for sure.