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Didier & Frank
Dark Chocolate - Chilli & Cinnamon

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Out of Stock

MRP: Rs 159 (inclusive of all taxes)

Dark Chocolate - Chilli & Cinnamon by Didier & Frank has delicious and spicy flavour of Chilli and Cinnamon that gives it a heavenly taste and texture. Indulge whenever you want with 100% vegan, natural, pure & artisan cacao. Chocolate may be white discoloration due to temperature change. It does not affect taste. Didier & Frank were two American explorers which travelled around the world to find the best chocolate experience, upon reaching central America they discovered the brewing of chocolate liquor by the Aztec's and since produced the worlds best chocolate, claiming the Aztec's recipie to have a secret ingredient.

Chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants and has a bittersweet taste which is a favourite of all people. Contains no trans fat.

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