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24 Mantra
Tulsi Green Tea - Organic

MRP: Rs 170 (inclusive of all taxes)

Tea or "Chai" is one of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide. Tea is consumed in different parts of the world as green, black, or Oolong tea. Among these, green tea is the one which has been reported to have the most significant effects on human health. Our 24 Mantra Organic Tulsi Green Tea is of premium quality and sourced from the highest altitudes of Nilgiri Hills.

100 % Organic Grown without synthetic Pesticides Grown without synthetic GMOs Unadulterated Antioxidant-rich A low-calorie beverage Packed with health benefits

Put a teaspoon of tea (approx-2g) into a tea pot. Boil a cup of water (150ml). Remove from fire and set it aside for a few seconds. Pour the boiled water into the tea pot, close with lid and wait for 2 minutes. Strain the hot Tulsi-green tea and enjoy the sips. For good benefits, avoid sugar. Addition of milk is not necessary. You can flavor the tea with honey for variety.

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