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Filter Coffee - Green Label

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

MRP: Rs 70 (inclusive of all taxes)

Filter coffee preserves the original taste of coffee, the strong aroma and the astringent taste is the perfect partner for your coffee needs. Bru Green Label Coffee is India's first packaged filter coffee with a perfect mix of 53% coffee and 47% chicory. Its lightly roasted ground coffee beans that gives out a perfect decoction for a rich & smooth flavourful cup which helps rejuvenate your senses. The nitro flush packaging retains its fresh flavour and aroma providing rich tasteful notes.

Take 2 tsp of Bru Green Label Coffee in a filter. Add 50 ml of hot water into the filter. Wait 15 mins for decoction. Mix with hot milk and sugar to taste. It can also be prepared by boiling.

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