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Our Story

Jagsfresh Founders, Abhinav and Samyak Jaggi, belong to a family that have been in the Agri-Business since the year 1850.

The family that sourced Fresh and dry produce like Apples and other hill fruits grown in the Valley of Kashmir but later also introduced commercial horticulture to the State of Himachal Pradesh (Known as Punjab at the time). The founders, both Alumni of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University have actively expanded the sourcing strength of the business to many regions across India and the world.

With one part of the pie, i.e. sourcing complete, Jagsfresh was founded in the year 2017, independently to add value to the produce that finally reaches the customer under controlled conditions. The produce available at Jagsfresh is significantly fresher, without residue and has the highest shelf life across all retail channels.

Jagsfresh has been sourcing over 600 types of Fruits and vegetables across the world, with strong sourcing strength and relationships with progressive farmers following stringent good- farming practices. With growing customer base across Delhi/NCR, more than 10,000 other household products have been offered to our customers.

Today, Jagsfresh is present at all levels – grass root sourcing, Value add, temperature controlled logistics, last mile delivery.

Jagsfresh has been operating from state of the art facilities, to create value, keeping in mind the nutritional needs of our customers.